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Great service today from KC Locksmith repairing one lock and replacing two others. Extremely professional and friendly. Kept me informed beforehand as to where he was and how long he would be and arrived when he said he would. No hesitation in recommending.
James Hogs
James Hogs
09:31 19 Aug 18
I can totally recommend this company. They are friendly, professional and trustworthy, always ready to help however small your emergency is. They helped me out multiple times and always responds promptly. I will use them if needed on the future.
Shane Brand
Shane Brand
12:20 16 Aug 18
The locksmith who came to change my locks was friendly, professional and efficient. He arrived within half an hour, and changed the lock in about 10 minutes, which was much quicker than I was expecting. Would definitely recommend!
Alan Owens
Alan Owens
10:26 16 Aug 18
Outstanding service yesterday. The service was quick and friendly and extremely good value. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and will be using them again. Thanks again!
Tracy Roberts
Tracy Roberts
15:36 10 Aug 18
I was very impressed with the service. Very fast, efficient and professional with reasonable prices. I had shopped around and this was best. Even with a very old very used door, he was able to do some work on it and get the job done. I highly recommend this him
David Plant
David Plant
15:28 10 Aug 18
Such a responsive company. I needed a locksmith at the early hours of the morning due to somebody locking up my venue while leaving my keys in the venue. KC came out in the early hours of the morning and sorted out my problem very quickly. Thank you again. Highly recommended.
Katy Simon
Katy Simon
17:55 08 Aug 18
Answered the call straight away after midnight and came in 10 minutes. The problem was solved swiftly with no fuss. The cost was less than i expected. Just brilliant professional and a nice guy too
Sharon Edwards
Sharon Edwards
10:26 04 Aug 18
Really pleased with the service. The locksmith came out quickly and the job was done well. I was pleased with the arrival time, very prompt and all at a great price. So thanks for the good job.
Lian Stafford
Lian Stafford
13:28 02 Aug 18
Did it next day, very fast service and funny guy! Highly recommend
Ed Millikin
Ed Millikin
18:04 30 Aug 17
Efficient and quick. Great service
David Tobin
David Tobin
21:01 03 Jun 17
Exactly what you would hope for! I had very limited time on my lunch break to get 3 keys cut, and they got them sorted for me on the spot! The staff were professional and friendly, and the price was fantastic too! Thanks guys 🙂
Caz Galea
Caz Galea
13:56 20 Sep 16
Great service. Very professional work carries. and polite staff. Highly recommend them!
Gareth White
Gareth White
13:43 20 Sep 16
5 star service. Was very impressed. Had a situation with my front door lock that was very quickly handled. Would use them again.
11:10 29 Jul 16
KC Brighton Locksmiths are brilliant. Within a very short time after ringing them they'd showed up at my front door and were easily able to open up my busted lock. If you live in Brighton and need a locksmith then they're the ones to call.
Louise Hynes
Louise Hynes
16:09 14 Apr 16

About KC Locksmiths (Brighton)

Have you locked yourself out of home? Do you need a new alarm or security system to protect yourself and your family? Do you need an expert to provide the most suitable home security system? You might even need a professional to guide you on your home security needs and vulnerabilities. Not to worry, you’re in the right place! Here at KC Brighton Locksmiths are the best – and our teams of experts are on standby to help you immediately.
For many years, KC Locksmiths have improved the lives of residents and businesses by providing efficient and high-quality security solutions. We have some of the most experienced technicians in the industry and are proud of our commitment to customer relations. We constantly ensure our customers are content and make additional efforts to achieve this.
Regardless of your security needs (or their urgency), we have a skilled workforce, high-tech tools and a strong service philosophy to provide you with fast, effective and durable solutions that will keep you and your family safe.

Residential Solutions

Our team of highly qualified and professional field technicians has completed all the necessary industry training and safety courses to give you peace of mind, as your problem can be solved quickly. Our team of experts has more than 40 years of experience in Brighton and Hove, having successfully treated a wide range of problems many times over. So, why hire someone else to do the job if you have industry experts with decades of experience on hand?

Customer service is a top priority for all our employees. Over the years, we’ve grown with our customers, as they link our name with excellence, reliability, quick delivery and optimal satisfaction as the area’s finest Brighton locksmith. Despite the excellent services and solutions we offer to our clients (which have become the norm), our charges are amongst the most inviting in the current market.

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Commercial Needs

The KC Locksmiths brand is rapidly developing a solid reputation for timely delivery of quality in commercial construction projects. Many engineers and contractors working on some of the larger properties now rely on us to provide efficient solutions to CCTV installation requirements for new and old construction projects.

Available 24/7

Expertly trained, licensed and experienced, our locksmiths are accessible 24/7, throughout the year to provide quick, efficient and long-lasting solutions for your homes and offices. We ensure you don’t compromise on comfort and convenience.

Protecting your home with the help of modern tools seems easy. People employ various methods (including the garage doors) to protect their homes. However, these can be both expensive and laborious. Would you like to get the easiest solutions? Contact us at KC Locksmiths right now to find the easiest security solutions for your homes, such as providing door lock installation, repairing and replacement facilities to clients. It’s better to focus on the security systems and applications that enable users to protect their buildings and property.

In most cases, we are hired for window lock repairs, lock-out assistance, as well as home and office security installations. We also perform rekeying or cut new keys, which is a simple term used for the preparation of a new key for a particular lock. Rekeying is used in a situation where people forget their keys – usually when they’re lost somewhere inside the home. Finding lost keys can be a tedious process. It’s difficult to open the locks without using the proper keys. Modern locks come with a single key option, which is the main reason users are unable to unlock the locks using different keys.

Hiring our professional experts for a rekeying service is the perfect fit – not merely a recommendation, but the best possible option. Do you have any other option or alternative method? Don’t waste time. You need new keys as soon as possible, so contact KC Locksmiths for professional service right now.

High Quality Services at Affordable Price

Over the course of time, property crime rates have increased. This is in part due to the recession and economic crises. So much so, property owners are worried about the protection and safety of their homes. There are numerous options and opportunities available, but you need trustworthy services in order to install high quality locks at your home or workplace. We can provide these without complication, with each and every opening given a separate lock in order to ensure protection.

We at KC Locksmiths are looking forward to providing the best security solutions for your premises. If you’ve never tried our trusted services, give them a chance today. Door-to-door services are offered by numerous companies and locksmith services within the city, but we are the most trusted around, as our reputation precedes us and our costs are hugely competitive.

Our advanced communication and geo-mapping system ensures that the closest and most proficient expert is always sent to perform the locksmith service required. In addition, KC Locksmiths use the best electronic access systems to ensure equipment life, flexibility in access level programming and access monitoring. At KC Locksmiths, we’re also familiar with leading automotive technology; as a result, we possess state-of-the-art and ultra efficient equipment for encoding keys and remote controls.

Above all, KC Locksmiths adopt an exclusive electronic technology system that gives technicians easy access to the most cutting-edge, precise and competent techniques for maintaining various types of locks. Our commitment to customers is to utilise the finest technology available for the delivery of top-notch service. So, choose someone durable and reliable. Choose KC Locksmiths, Brighton.

Brighton Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


If the keys to your car are lost, damaged, or even stolen then your locksmith will be able to help you get back on the road. Most professional locksmiths have a range of blank keys and sophisticated tools to cut and when necessary program your new keys. Be aware that your locksmith will ask you to produce your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and proof of your identification in order to access this service.

It is possible for a locksmith to create a new key from a lock, and there are several ways to go about this depending on your situation. If you know the ‘pinning’ of the lock you need a key for then your locksmith will be able to cut you a key ‘to code’. However, your lock has a removable cylinder, another option a locksmith may take is to remove it and cut a new key directly from the pins. In the event that other methods haven’t worked, a locksmith can produce a new key by a technique called ‘impressioning’. In the case that you need a new key for your car, a specialised auto-locksmith will be able to cut you a new key and, if necessary, program it for your use.

There are many reasons why you may need a new key making. Perhaps you need a duplicate making from an original, or maybe you have lost the original key. Whatever the case, a professional locksmith will have a range of blank keys from which to cut a new key.

Yes, a specialised auto-locksmith is able to cut and program new transponder keys in the event yours are lost, damaged, or stolen.

Whilst a regular locksmith should be able to open your car door, it is worth contacting a specialised auto-locksmith for assistance when your need you boot unlocking. A specialised auto-locksmith will be able to your boot without damaging the lock.

Whilst a regular locksmith should be able to open your car door, it is worth contacting a specialised auto-locksmith for assistance when your need you boot unlocking. A specialised auto-locksmith will be able to your boot without damaging the lock.

Your professional locksmith is able to open car doors. There are a variety of methods that a locksmith may go about doing this, but one of the most common is for the locksmith to use a Slim Jim. This technique requires professional training as improper use can damage the car in a variety ways.

A professional locksmith is equipped to open a variety of locks including, when necessary, a garage door. In much the same way as any other lock, the locksmith will attempt non-destructive methods of picking the lock, only opting to drill the lock if other methods fail.

Locksmiths are able to open house doors and will often attempt to first pick the lock to avoid damaging it. If that fails, the locksmith will then drill the lock which require the cylinder or entire lock to be replaced.

Yes, a locksmith is able to open a safe. A professional locksmith is familiar with various methods of non-destructive entry and can, when requested, open a safe.

How much your locksmith will charge to change a lock depends on a number of factors. The type and size of the lock, whether the whole lock needs replacing or just the cylinder, and the time of day the service is carried out can all contribute to the quote you receive.

The cost of a service varies between locksmiths and it is worth shopping around to find the best possible deal. Typically locksmiths will offer a fixed price for their services, but it is worth bearing in mind that services performed ‘out of hours’ can cost considerably more

In the most basic terms a locksmith is someone who works with locks. This work includes the supply, installation, service, and repair of a variety of household, commercial, and car locks. A locksmith will also be able to offer advice on the security of your home or business.

Opening doors is a common part of all locksmiths’ locked out service. In most cases the locksmith will be able to open the door without having to remove the existing lock. However, what the locksmith will use to open the door really depends on the locks they are faced with. In most cases the locksmith will first attempt to pick the lock using a variety of lock picks or a pick gun, if picking the locks fails the locksmith will then opt to drill the lock and replace either the barrel or the lock entirely.

A professional locksmith will provide a range of services, whilst others will be more specialised. Generally speaking, a locksmith will cut keys, supply and install locks for your windows and doors, carry out repairs to your locks, and provide a locked out service if you forget or lose your keys. Other locksmiths may deal in auto-locksmithing, whilst others still will deal with the supply and installation of electronic access systems.

A locksmith will use a wide variety of tools in their daily work depending on what the job requires. For picking locks, the half-diamond and hook picks are among the most commonly used tools whilst a Slim Jim can be used for accessing cars or bolt cutters for removing a jammed or damaged lock. A professional locksmith will also have complex key-duplication machinery to cut new keys.

Many insurance companies require all accessible windows, including those on the ground floor, be fitted with key operable locks. Unfortunately this is often overlooked by property owners.

Getting locked out is a common and frustrating mistake. Unfortunately locks that have a spring latched bolt lock make this very easy. If you forget your keys and allow the door to close behind you, it will automatically lock itself and you out.

The bottom lock on a wooden door is often a Deadlock Mortice and should be of British Standard if it is on an external door.

The top lock on a wooden door usually operates a night latch. This lock is a Rim Cylinder lock is based with five pins that doesn’t necessarily use a high security key.

In order to be covered by their insurance, insurance companies will normally request that your locks are compliant with the British Standards (BS3621). These locks need to be five point lever design, and will have shown in testing that they are anti-theft and resistant to attacks including drilling. They must also have an anti-pick mechanism. A useful way to identify a British Standard lock is to look for an engraved kite mark on the cylinder.

Wear and tear is a normal process and one that will take place naturally over time. Locks generally need little to no maintenance, and it is advised that you do not apply WD40 to your lock as this is likely to cause more problems than it solves.

Digital locks are exceptionally reliable and have obvious advantages, but they are not without disadvantages also. By far the greatest advantage of a digital lock is that it eliminates the necessity of a conventional key, and along with it, the need to have multiple keys cut. This in turn means there is no risk of losing or forgetting your keys. A digital lock is additionally advantageous as you need only provide someone with the pin in order for them to enter your home. Whilst a digital lock has many conveniences, the possibility of forgetting the pin and locking yourself out is still a risk. Ultimately, choosing a digital lock is a matter of preference.

Should you discover that you have been burgled: call the police immediately. Beyond this your situation will determine your course of action. If you make the discovery before entering the building, stop and call the police from outside as you could disturb vital evidence inside that could help the authorities. If you witnessed the burglars and do not have a CCTV system, make a detailed description of their appearance. Once the police have arrived and you are given access to the property, begin to make a list of all the items that were stolen and their value. This will help the police in their search to retrieve your goods and will also be necessary if you make an insurance claim.

Before investing in an expensive alarm system, it’s best to carefully consider what you really need. Whilst there are dummy alarms available on the market that can certainly serve as a deterrent, the proven and most effective deterrents to potential burglars are motion detector lights, CCTV, and burglar alarms many of which can contact the authorities or ring your mobile in the event an intruder is detected on your property. For burglars not wanting to be seen, motion detecting lights are an obvious and immediate threat to their success. It is also more affordable and accessible than ever to have a CCTV system watching over your home or business. There are now many IP models are available that don’t require a professional installation and will enable you to watch the camera’s feed directly from your phone.

CCTV gives you peace of mind by allowing you to watch your premises from wherever you are. An alarm system and/or CCTV can also be used to alert the relevant authorities in the event of a break in. This can be a real asset to your business, and just one of a few simple precautions that can be made to make sure your commercial property is optimally secure. If the locks on your property are not BS3621 then they are not up to the British Standard and it is time to consider replacing them – and by doing so you will also save money on your insurance premiums. If your business has confidential documents on site then these should be kept in a locked cabinet. Similarly, if you hold cash on the premises then you should consider a Eurograde safe approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS).

There are a number of factors that can help determine whether or not the locks to your office need to be changed. If your business has a high level of staff turnover, or you keep valuable merchandise on the premises, then issue of your security will require greater attention. Similarly, the level of security you require, relative to the company turnover and the type of locks you have presently, should all be taken into consideration. For example, a key that is stamped can’t be duplicated, and will need to be changed less regularly than a lock with a standard key. Digital office door locks are a good option, as you will only need to change the lock’s code as and when your staff leave or the code is forgotten.

Home security is important, and whilst household locks generally do not need to be replaced unless they are malfunctioning, you may nevertheless feel that it is time to upgrade your home security system. This can be for a variety of reasons, and if so, now might be the best time to call us. In most cases we will only advise that it is worth changing your locks if you believe someone, other than you, might be able to access your home. Maybe you have had contractors working in your home or you have recently sacked an employee and they have failed to return a set of keys? Or perhaps you have had your keys stolen? Either way, it is worth being cautious to make sure your property is safe and secure to guard against unauthorised entry.

The strength of a lock is graded from strongest to weakest on a scale of 1-3. Grade 1 locks are typically used on commercial properties as they are the most secure and durable locks available. A lock graded as 2 or 3 on the other hand is suitable residential use. It is, however, generally advised that busy homes use a more robust grade 2 lock which is also suitable for light commercial use. In addition to supplying locks, a commercial locksmith will also offer an installation and repair service for commercial security systems. This can involve the supply and maintenance of safes and cabinet locks, as well as more elaborate master key systems and panic bars.

Of the differences between residential and commercial locksmiths the key distinction between the two is the type of locks they supply. Whilst many professionals will indeed stock both, it can be broadly assumed that more secure and durable locks are required for commercial properties, as these locks face heavy use throughout the day.

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