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Did it next day, very fast service and funny guy! Highly recommend
Ed Millikin
Ed Millikin
18:04 30 Aug 17
Efficient and quick. Great service
David Tobin
David Tobin
21:01 03 Jun 17
Exactly what you would hope for! I had very limited time on my lunch break to get 3 keys cut, and they got them sorted for me on the spot! The staff were professional and friendly, and the price was fantastic too! Thanks guys 🙂
Caz Galea
Caz Galea
13:56 20 Sep 16
Great service. Very professional work carries. and polite staff. Highly recommend them!
Gareth White
Gareth White
13:43 20 Sep 16
5 star service. Was very impressed. Had a situation with my front door lock that was very quickly handled. Would use them again.
11:10 29 Jul 16
KC Brighton Locksmiths are brilliant. Within a very short time after ringing them they'd showed up at my front door and were easily able to open up my busted lock. If you live in Brighton and need a locksmith then they're the ones to call.
Louise Hynes
Louise Hynes
16:09 14 Apr 16

Locksmiths in Brighton

Locks are a part of our everyday lives. Subsequently, at some point or another, we have to make decisions with regards the locks we use. At Brighton Locksmiths, we provide a wide range of locksmith services, covering doors and windows, alarm systems, safes, car keys, garage doors and so on. Our services are available all over Brighton and our locksmiths are knowledgeable and experienced.

Whether you have a lock emergency that needs urgent attention or a less pressing, but equally important situation, we are always available to help. Whether commercial or private premises, we can meet your lock requirements, wherever you’re based in Brighton.

Who are our services available to?

As long as you’re located in Brighton, our services are available to you. We provide services to homes (big or small) and commercial properties such as offices, hotels and manufacturing buildings. We offer round-the-clock services and can work within your specific timeframe for your convenience.

What is your current lock situation?

Do the locks and security systems you have in place offer maximum security? Do you think you may need an upgrade? If you’re not sure, contact us for an expert opinion as soon as possible.

Do you have a lock emergency?

Are you locked out of your house or car? Is your child locked in? Did your lock suddenly stop functioning? Is your alarm system acting strangely, sounding ‘false alarms’ or has no signal at all? Whatever your lock emergency, call us and we’ll get a local lock engineer to come out as soon as possible, regardless of where you are in Brighton.

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Are you moving home or office?

You might have specific lock requirements or need a more secure lock system for your new home or office. After all the stress and running around during the moving process, it isn’t unusual to find yourself short of all the relevant keys to your locks, which could leave you vulnerable to theft and burglary. It’s also understandable to be worried about who may have had access to those locks or security systems you have in place. Rest assured, we can change all your locks whenever is convenient for you to make sure all your keys are in safe hands only.

If you’ve just moved to Brighton and want a security system to match what you had at your previous location, contact us and we can provide the best solutions available.

What about burglary prevention?

Our services also include professional security checks to ensure your locks are as secure as possible and offer a high level of protection. We have lock and security experts on hand, specifically for this purpose. They understand security systems in Brighton and can go as far as is needed to make certain you have the best options at your disposal.

If you’re not sure about how secure your locks are, you can call us to have a look and make changes if necessary. We perform routine security checks to identify weak systems and also conduct upgrades.

Furthermore, we provide, configure, maintain and repair alarm systems in homes and commercial buildings across Brighton. The alarm systems we provide are top notch and have a high success rate.

Key cutting and repairs

If you’re worried about not having spare keys – or enough to go round everyone who requires a set – we provide key cutting services in Brighton and can make duplicates of any kind. You can visit us with the keys you need to duplicate or send us an image with which to work.

We also repair and maintain your locks and security systems.

Burglary repairs

We offer repair and replacement services after a burglary, such as removing and replacing damaged wood and locks; fixing structural problems; supplying replacement wood and locks; as well as security checks and security systems installation, regardless your location in Brighton.

Consultation on locks

We can advise you on what type of locks to get for your home/garage/office; whether you need additional locks or more security systems; replacement of your current security system (and what system to get); as well as alarm and sensor services and so on. We also provide, maintain and repair safes, so are well placed to proffer related advice.

Whatever advice we provide is tailored to fit your needs. We can perform an evaluation with regards the type of doors and windows you have. After all, the locks sufficient for wooden doors may not be suitable for metal doors.

If you’ve suffered a break-in, you probably didn’t have a security or alarm system in place – or perhaps the one you had was vulnerable. We can advise the best options for effectively replacing and managing such systems.

Our locksmiths are familiar with Brighton and won’t just offer advice based on their experience with locks. They understand building structures and patterns used locally, as well as which security measures are best for different areas in Brighton and so on, which means you’ll receive advice that surpasses technical requirements.

Extra services

Our locksmiths are highly trained and experienced in carpentry as well. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about calling multiple vendors for one task. If you need an extra fitting or repairs to your frames or security system, they can take care of it.

Our locksmiths can provide the following carpentry, repairs and joinery services:

  • Replacement and repair of door and window frames
  • Letterbox fitting
  • Hanging of door frames
  • Boarding up door frames
  • Boarding up uPVC
  • Additional carpentry fittings for your security system

Thinking of customised security systems?

If you need security systems such as biometric locks or other lock solutions (designed or configured just for you), we can make it happen. We can take note your requirements and specifications and provide the best solutions for your customised security system.

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