How a Good Locksmith Can Help You Avoid Lock Snapping

Lock snapping is the leading method through which burglars gain access to homes. Also known as cylinder snapping, it is a way to force seemingly secure doors open in seconds, even when you have multiple locking points with hooks and deadbolts.

As implied by the name, a criminal can snap a Euro lock in half with some basic tools. Once this is done, your multipoint anti-lock system is easy to manipulate, providing access to your property.  The entire process can be completed in less than a minute by the average burglar and it is often done with little to no noise. This makes it easy for an intruder to come into your home and help themselves without you ever knowing. Thankfully, there is a remedy for this: anti-snap locks.

What are Anti-snap Locks?

Anti-snap locks are tools put in place to burglar-proof your doors. Anti-snap cylinders are used in place of the euro cylinders to protect against lock snapping, lock bumping, lock drilling and lock picking.  The typical Euro cylinder is the weak part of a door, thus anti-snap locks are specifically designed to be a lot more solid and only break at the anti-snap line.  Even if a burglar finds a way to snap the cylinder, the locking mechanism will remain unreachable.

How Can You Confirm That You Have Anti-snap Locks?

Even when your lock meets security standards, as is often denoted by the British kite mark, it doesn’t mean you are protected against lock snapping. The only way to be sure, is to take out the lock from your door and check for the anti-snap lines.  If you are not sure of how to go about this, you can contact us to help you. We have helped hundreds of home owners in Brighton to ensure optimal lock security.

How To Fit in Anti-snap Locks

It is often tempting to fit the anti-snap locks on your own, but there is a high chance of damaging your locks completely.  A good locksmith can help pick the right sized cylinder for your door to ensure proper security, and will also ensure you don’t have ill fitted locks – which, of course, make it that much easier for determined criminals.

If you are a resident in the Brighton area, feel free to call us to install anti-snapping locks for you, or to take a look at your current mechanism.

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