Pros and Cons of Rekeying

One of the first things you can do to secure your home is to ensure your doors are properly locked. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  There are scenarios where the keys to the lock may have been misplaced or the locks themselves begin to lose their functionality.  In any of those situations, property owners and tenants are left with a less secure home, and the threat of burglary.   However, rekeying is one way to restore the integrity of the locks and the security they provide.

This piece takes a look at the pros and cons of rekeying.


Secures a New Home

When you move into a new property, it is often difficult to determine who previously had access to it. This exposes you to the risk of burglary and all kinds of other unknown situations. Rekeying helps ensure that people who formerly had access to the property, before you moved in, will not be able to gain access to it now.

Prevents Criminal Use of Your Lost Keys

Have you lost your wallet with your keys in them? Do you suspect one of your keys has been stolen? Rekeying will ensure that the lost keys will become useless due to the locks requiring a new pattern of key to unlock. So even though the locks haven’t actually been changed, anyone in possession of your old keys will be unable to use it.

Allows Use of One Key For All Your Doors

If you are in a home with several doors, you may have to carry several keys around at the one time – we all know the impracticality of having to drag a packed keyring with us. Rekeying ensures you only need one key to unlock all the doors in and around your home. A good tip however, is to avoid using the same key for doors to the inside of your home and doors to your garage and other external structures.


Costly When Done Wrong

Although rekeying is beneficial, it requires expertise. If the process is not done properly, as is the case in some botched DIY scenarios, you may end up needing to replace the locks completely. Throw in the cost of getting the tools for the rekeying process and you could be facing some serious costs.

Requires Proper Care

In a situation where you have rekeyed your locks so that a single key can unlock all doors in your home, it becomes very important to handle the key with care. Losing the key would mean rekeying all the doors again. Additionally, giving out your keys to a third party in such an arrangement is extra risky as the person will immediately have access to every inch of your home.

Not sure if you should continue with rekeying or looking for experts to help you ensure a seamless rekeying process? You can contact us straight away. As the finest locksmiths in Brighton, we are only too happy to give you some much needed insight and advice on the whole rekeying process.

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