Stop your Home Being a Target for Burglary

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Make Sure your Doors, Windows and Locks are Up to Scratch

Before installing any alarm or timer systems, it is important to recognise the importance of strong, robust doors, windows and locks, before looking at our higher tech, border CCTV, lighting and alarm systems.

The broad range of services we offer at K C Locksmiths and on the wider market, and the range of systems that operate them can seem a little frightening and overwhelming to a family or single elderly person who simply wishes to feel reassured that home security is in place.

This brief glossary attempts to give you the run-down on the current British go to ‘Standard’ on Locks, Doors, French Windows and Garages most commonly found in UK homes. Please feel free to give our experts at K C Locksmiths a call for free advice in regards to any of the information below on: 01273 634 707.

Front Door

A minimum of one British Standard (BS3621) mortice lock (with minimum 5 lever) or a BS cylinder night latch is necessary. Having two locks is good practice, and should both clearly display the British Kite symbol.

Back & Side Doors

Normally a 3 lever mortice lock is the minimum British standard. K C Locksmiths recommend a 5 lever ‘BS3621’ Lock with extra security bolts to secure the top and bottom of your back/additional doors.


There are many different types of windows in the UK and your security needs will depend on which type you already have. UPVC windows & double glazing need key-operated locks. Sash windows (particularly common in Brighton) can be secured with sash closers or with key operated locks and dual screws. Window grilles are also available for windows that pose the highest risk of entry or vandalising.

Patio Doors & French Windows

UPVC doors require a Multi-Point locking mechanism at a minimum. We can also install BS cylinders and key operated locks at the top and bottom where required or desired.


We offer a diverse locking system for outbuildings and garages. It stands to reason that isolated outbuildings are more likely to be broken into and criminally damaged. For this reason we recommend linking these to an overall alarm system, discussed in detail later.

Door Entry Systems

Whether you have a domestic or commercial property, a simple, robust, door entry system is a good option.
From keyless number pad systems to hi tech, key fob, code/card systems; there are multiple options available for everything from doctor’s premises to ID required nurseries and office blocks.


If your commercial or domestic dwelling-needs require it, Closed Circuit Television Camera (or, CCTV), systems are available for your property. CCTV is often easy and quick to install and the visibility of such will act as a major deterrent to would-be intruders. Stealth CCTV systems are also available as well as door entry systems which allow you to speak to visitors before letting them in. These can be set to record as soon as someone approaches.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms are a major deterrent for intruders, and can be set to trigger a loud repetitive sound as soon as anyone enters a building of any kind. With light systems to warn intruders there is an alarm system as well as sirens to warn neighbours of an intrusion, these are one of the most effective home security systems around.

For more information on any of the above definitions, please call us on 01273 634 707

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