Brighton Locksmith FAQ

Can locksmiths pick locks?

Yes. A professional locksmith will be able to pick locks if required in emergency situations. Locksmiths in Brighton use a variety of professional tools and equipment to ensure minimal damage to the lock itself, avoiding the need to replace a lock wherever possible.

What types of door can a locksmith typically open?

Locksmiths in Brighton can open a huge variety of door types including house doors, garage doors, internal doors, as well as safes, cars and other smaller locks. Locksmiths are able to assist with opening doors in residential, commercial and industrial locations, ensuring that the service they offer is right for you.

What are the differences between a residential and a commercial locksmith service?

Of the differences between residential and commercial locksmiths the key distinction between the two is the type of locks they supply. Whilst many professionals will indeed stock both, it can be broadly assumed that more secure and durable locks are required for commercial properties, as these locks face heavy use throughout the day.

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