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What is something that requires locks that people often overlook?

People often overlook the need for window locks; something which is actually commonly insisted on by insurance companies. Window locks should be operated with a key, and all windows on the ground floor or otherwise easily accessible should be fitted with a window lock in order to ensure security.

What tools do locksmiths use?

Professional locksmiths typically use a variety of different tools for different jobs, for example; a hookpick, which is used by locksmiths to pick many kinds of lock; Slim Jims, otherwise known as Lockout Tools; Jackknife picks and Bolt cutters.

Do local locksmiths only cut keys?

Locksmiths are not only available to help with cutting new sets of keys; in fact there are a large number of services generally provided by locksmiths in Brighton. These can include assistance when locked out, lock installation, servicing all kinds of locks and programming car keys. Locksmiths are also available to provide advice when considering …

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What tools and which method should a trained locksmith use to open a locked door?

Locksmiths use a variety of professional lockpicking tools in order to open doors. A trained locksmith should always attempt to pick the lock in the first instance, using a hookpick, slim jim or any other professional tool. More destructive methods such as drilling will be used by locksmiths only as a last resort if the …

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Can locksmiths program car keys?

Yes. A professional locksmith will be able to program car keys if needed, as well as provide replacement keys or repair a damaged key.

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