Understanding the Different Types of Locks

We’ve all been there. We are getting a home insurance quote on a new home and we are asked about what type of lock our front door, back door and patio doors have, and we haven’t really got a clue. The insurance agent starts to describe the operation of the door so that you can guess which locks you have, and, if you are lucky, you can shout “that one, that one!”.

In this article we will take a look at the different types of lock. Hopefully this article will serve as more than just a way to avoid the awkward insurance questions, and will help you secure your property more and make informed decisions about the locks you choose.

First-change Your Locks When You Move

Before getting going on the types of locks we just wanted to stress, as we do in just about every article that we write, you should change your locks when you move into a new property. You don’t know who has got a key. Would you be happy knowing that your next neighbour could come into your house at any time, day or night? Of course not! Change the locks.

There are four main types of lock that you should know about. Our Brighton locksmith service comes across these four all the time, and they are probably the ones that you insurer will go through with you.

Five Lever Mortice Deadlock

This is essentially the default deadlock that many builders go with, and offers a decent level of protection to the main entry points in your home.

The Five Lever Mortice Lock-BS 361 Standard

This type of lock officially conforms to the high British standards, and is the minimum normally recommended by locksmiths in Brighton. Any insurance company that finds you use these locks is likely to discount your premiums due to the greater amount of security they afford.

Rim Automatic Dead Latch With a Handle that is Locked By Key

These locks are designed to increase the amount of security that you can have at night, by adding extra locking capacity from the inside. Again they are well regarded by insurers, and are great for those that want more peace of mind.

A Multi-points Key Operated Locking System

This type of lock offers a tremendous amount of security, because it bolts the door securely into the frame. It is a rim- locking system, and is again favoured by insurance companies.

If your locks aren’t any of these systems, then you will probably have to tell you insurance company that they are “something else’. This may increase your premiums, and it may mean that it’s a good idea to upgrade your locks for increased security.

Peace of mind is a vital aspect of our well-being and secure locks are one way to increase peace of mind. If you want to find out about how our Brighton locksmith service can help you to secure your property then get in touch today.

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