Why You Should Change the Locks on a New Home

Many people move into a home and don’t even consider changing their locks. They assume that the property is secure without thinking about the potential risk they are taking on. In this article we will explain exactly why you should change the locks on your new home, and why you should choose a trusted lock brand to ensure that your home is secure.

You don’t know what happened to your property before you moved in. You may not even have met the sellers. Most importantly, you don’t know what they did with their own keys to the property.

Keys in Third Party Hands

There could be keys to your door in third party hands; the average Brit gives a spare key to a third party at least twice in their lifetime.   If you don’t change the locks to your new home, a long lost friend of the old occupants could come into the home when you are not around. Even when the individual has no criminal intentions, it doesn’t bode well for your family to know that keys to the home could be in someone else’s hands.  In worst case scenarios, the keys could be lost or misplaced, which means a criminal who knows the background details of the key can easily by pass any security measures you have in place.

Easy Exit in Emergencies

One danger with not changing all the locks in and around your new home is that there is always the danger that you don’t have keys to a door or window that is a vital exit in times of emergency.  Think of a situation where you are faced with a gas leak, and in need of quick ventilation, only to find out that one or more windows or doors can’t be opened because you can’t find the keys.  You could break through the windows and doors to remedy the situation but the overall costs would be greater than if you’d simply replaced the original keys.

Easy Access to Doors and Windows

Over the course of your stay in your home, there could be need to access a certain door or window to bring in heavy property such as furniture or new electronics. Not having the keys to these doors will again leave you in the dilemma of breaking through the locks. In newer properties, the only problem you may have is bearing the cost of new doors/windows and locks. But what would you do in period properties with traditional doors and windows that should not be tampered with?

Do Your Locks Meet British Standard 3621?

The new standard for locks is an important requirement these days if you intend to insure your home without paying over the top premiums for cover. In fact, more insurance companies are beginning to reject applications from occupants in homes with locks that do not meet this standard. Simply changing all your locks to new ones that meet the British Standard 3621 could be all you need to land a favourable insurance deal.

To avoid these issues, you need to always change your locks in a new home. Fortunately, we are one of the best Brighton locksmiths in the business, so give us a call today – we’d be glad to help you set up your new home.

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