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Our variety of locksmith offerings vary broadly from dock lock fixing, to safe locks and alarm installations. Our services don’t just stop at locks, we also provide security to domestic and company buildings in Woodingdean. Our 40+ years in the security business has seen our specialist team at K C Locksmiths provide the people in the Brighton area with all round top security.

For emergency locksmith solutions, we are the most desired company in Woodingdean due to the value of service we offer. Besides, our locksmith services are accessible round the clock every day.

Are you thinking about a security system overhaul? Maybe you want to place CCTV cameras at your office? To set up a meeting with a professional locksmith in Woodingdean, call 01273 634 001

We offer a 24/7 obligation free quote for Brighton locksmith services

Are your keys stuck in the lock? Ring our emergency line for a locksmith 01 273 634 001

Residential and Business Glass Sliding Door Systems

Our locksmiths are part of an extended network of door and window business dealers. So our lasting relationship avails to us the finest quality sliding door systems in the business for both homes and workplace structures. Furthermore, our Woodingdean locksmiths provide premium quality hardware at the most affordable costs. Contact our locksmiths in Woodingdean by calling 01273 634 001.

Bars, Grilles and Roller Shutters

Finding the right roller shutter to use in your business isn’t always easy. Think about both the level of security needed and the type of bars or roller shutters your for your business. That is why we are here; as security experts with years of experience, we will fix it without any issues. Let our master locksmiths in Woodingdean fit your bars and shutters while you focus on business issues. Speak to one of our locksmiths in Woodingdean for assistance. We offer a 24 hr free non-obligated quote. 01273 634 001

24-7 Lock-Out Response

Is your key locked inside your building? This is one of our more popular locksmith requests. We have good news! Our locksmiths issue a round-the-clock emergency lock-out assistance in Woodingdean Be it early in the morning or late at night, we promise to respond to your lock-out call in 30 minutes. Are you in a lock-out emergency? Call our K C Locksmiths 24 hr help line 01273 634 001

Window Lock Fixtures

Do you need a quick window lock fixture? Within minutes, our emergency locksmiths in Woodingdean can resolve your problem. A proper window lock can prevent unnecessary loss to burglars, as windows are usually their main point of entry. By using excellent materials which will last, our expert locksmiths will save you money. Talk to a master locksmith now if you are in Woodingdean 01273 634 001

Why Choose Our Locksmith Service Woodingdean?

  • Qualified Locksmiths

We have more than 4 decades of experience, delivering first-class locksmith solutions to clients in Brighton and neighbouring towns. In Woodingdean, our locksmiths are the leading consultants, and our clients are thus assured of 100% satisfaction.

  • Locksmiths with the Best Equipment

Quality, is best way to describe the materials we use for our customers. Being in the business for a long time gives us the technical expertise to identify superior hardware. We are always dedicated to the best.

  • POLICE Certified Service

Our professional locksmiths are assessed by the police and certified for operations in Woodingdean. We are approved by the law; we guarantee your protection.

  • Emergency Locksmiths in Woodingdean

We assure you that one of our locksmith specialists will be at your home or office within 30 minutes of discussing on the phone. Our services are also accessible 24-7 every day.

Inexpensive Prices

We assure you our costs are inexpensive and our professional locksmiths in Woodingdean will give you the best service on your budget. Zero VAT charges when you make a purchase- for a limited period. You may fill out our contact form HERE to request an emergency lock repair in Woodingdean.

K C Locksmiths & Son - What our customers are saying

If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

Brian Wandsworth

K C Locksmiths & Son is an absolute gem of a firm which provides a very useful service. I suppose we never think of how valuable a locksmith is until we really need one!

Sharron Smyth

I’m one of those people who loses phones and keys all the time. I wanted to upgrade my studio to a keyless system and these guys helped me do it with zero hassle.

Peter McMillian

I called K C Locksmiths & Son after a friend gave me their number and they advised me to upgrade to a wireless system. They were very quick and professional.


Do you need a specialist locksmith Woodingdean? We offer a 24-7 obligation free quote for locksmith services in Woodingdean.

Door Handle Fitting and Repair

Have you got a problematic door handle? We have got professionals in Woodingdean who can repair your door handle in minutes. Even if it’s a wonky door handle or a shaky lock, our locksmiths with fix it immediately. We will take you through the selection process to pick the proper door materials and guarantee you do not have the same problems again. We guarantee you total satisfaction when we finish. Is your door handle faulty? Contact a locksmith specialist in Woodingdean Here.

Locks Supply and Fix

Have you just relocated into a new property in Woodingdean? It is only appropriate that you change the locks for security reasons. Our expert locksmiths can deliver and install all the locks in your new flat at a reasonable price. The service may include warning systems, multipoint locks and CCTV feeds if you want. You will rest easy knowing that you have a protected home. Contact our locksmiths in Woodingdean to supply fine new locks by calling 01273 634 001


  • No VAT fees (limited time); quoted pricing is flat.
  • We are POLICE approved
  • Delivering first-class locksmith services to residents of Woodingdean for 40 years.


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