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24 Hour Locksmith Services in Brighton & Hove

KC Brighton Locksmiths are a Leading Locksmiths

There are little things more frustrating and upsetting than issues with your locks, lost keys or break-ins to your home. If you are experiencing a locks related emergency and are experiencing inconvenience – do not wait – please contact KC Locksmiths for help, right away!

We Operate 24 Hours a Day in the Brighton and Hove Area

We have a highly trained and professional customer service team that takes action to bring your lock emergency back under control, using strategies that require as little destruction as possible with minimal fuss. KC Locksmith Brighton are always happy to help and will do our best to advise you on any situation regarding securing your home.

We offer a free quotation and we are confident that we can make your experience with us as easy and worry-free as possible. You will be able to see the work that we do, and the quality of our workmanship. It is important to understand that we offer an emergency service for 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We provide a wide range of services and we are very proud of our customer service. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best service possible and we have no hidden charges. Our locksmith is there for 24 Hour Emergency help with your locks and keys.

We understand that you may need assistance right now, so we have a number of options available to you. We know that your home is your safe haven, and we take that very seriously. We aim to be as quick and as efficient as possible.

KC Brighton Locksmiths Can Help!

We are always happy to help and we aim to be as professional and efficient as possible. If you have a broken lock, lost keys or even if you are looking for a new locksmith in Brighton – please contact us today.

Locksmithing in Brighton & Hove

Our Locksmiths are trained to use a wide variety of specialist lock-picking tools to gain non-destructive entry to open the doors of properties around Brighton. Our team will always attempt to pick a lock in the first instance, using a professional tool such as a ‘slim-Jim or a lock-pick. We will only use a drill or other destructive methods as a very last resort when there is no alternative and if the lock cannot be picked.

If you are locked out of your house or car and need a Brighton Locksmith then please call 01273 634 001 and we will be on our way within minutes!

Locked Out?

We understand that when you are locked out of your house or car it can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient, especially when you have important things to get done! If you are locked out of your house or car, you could be missing a meeting, work or any other event that requires you to be at home or on time. Our security services team are security industry trained to use specialist tools and equipment to gain non-destructive entry to open the doors of properties around Brighton and offer our emergency locksmith service including lock replacement. We will always attempt to pick a lock to gain entry in the first instance, using a professional toolset as would be expected in our role as Master Locksmiths. We can replace house keys, provide burglary repairs such as tenancy repairs to wooden door damage, install a night latch, increase security measures by providing security solutions to your security requirements. We can do this on your business premises as well as your commercial premises or simply for property maintenance.

Why Choose Brighton Locksmith?

We offer the very best emergency locksmith services in Brighton and Hove and are fully equipped with modern tools and equipment to make sure we can solve any lock-related problem that comes our way. We have worked for years on improving our skills and our ability to tackle a wide variety of problems and our aim is to always provide excellent service at an affordable price.

Our team provide emergency locksmith services and have extensive experience and is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. We offer excellent customer service, and our dedicated team always provide a speedy service so you can get through your front door or get vital security measures in place in anywhere around Central Brighton of East Sussex. With us, you will never have to worry about the time or inconvenience of having to wait for a technician. We also offer a free quotation service, so if you need to get your locks fixed, changed or installed, we will give you a free quote without any obligation. Our proud members of the team are trained to adhere to British standards similar to those used by the Master Locksmiths Association. We will be able to advise you on what type of locks or security system will best suit your needs.

We Stock Your Euro Cylinder Lock

Euro Cylinder lock sizes begin at 25mm and range up to 60mm. These then increase either side of the centre in 5mm increments. KC Professional Locksmith recommend anti-snap Cylinder locks, with the 3 Star British Standard, but these may replace TS007 Locks, Anti-pick, Anti-bump and 1 Star locks. The Ultion Ultimate Euro Cylinder even comes with a £1000 guarantee – we offer anti-snap 3 Star Euro Cylinder locks in all our recommended repairs and lock replacement and these can be all be used on modern doors to increase the level of your homes’ security.

Door Replacement

KC Locksmiths Brighton recommend that the best place to begin when beginning upgrading your home security is your front door. This is the single most cost-effective way to improve your home’s protection as it is very easy to make small enhancements that add layers of security. Take a door or key chain for instance – this can be installed at very little cost – and they protect you from unwanted visitors in addition to being a deterrent to opportunist criminals who may try to break and enter into your house. While uPVC windows and doors look like they have an impressive locking system, without a proper anti-snap euro cylinder, the same would-be burglar could easily snap the lock to your home and succeed at a break-in.

KC Locksmiths Brighton use anti-snapping locks with a 3 Star British Standard rating in all their lock changes or when providing security for lock issues with old locks or British standard deadlock installations. For those homes with wooden doors, KC Emergency Locksmith Brighton truly believe that having a Yale lock in addition to a mortice lock if you don’t already have one. For those houses that do have these installed, we suggest anti-thrust plates as an additional measure. This is a deterrent; it is a plate of metal that covers the gap between the frame and the door, preventing any tools being wedged in-between the gap to break it open.

Comprehensive Locksmith Services

KC Locksmiths Brighton offer a full range of locksmith services to help protect your home. Our locksmiths are fully trained, highly skilled and experienced in the installation of new locks, replacement locks and the repair of existing locks. We offer fast and reliable service at very competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for a simple lock change, or you need a locksmith to carry out a comprehensive overhaul of your security system, KC Locksmiths Brighton are here to help you. 

Home Security System Installation

KC Locksmiths Brighton can install all types of home security systems. Whether you want a burglar alarm, an access control system, an intruder alarm system, or a CCTV system, we will work with you to design a system that fits your needs and budget. We’re highly experienced in the installation of both wireless and wired systems. 

Make Your Property Safe

KC Locksmith Brighton deal with all types of locking systems, security devices, keys, doors and windows in the event of any situation you need an emergency locksmith, Brighton, or circumstance whereby you find yourself locked out of your home or place of work. We deal with many types of uPVC doors every single day, and we would certainly class ourselves as experts in this material.

Brighton’s Best Known Locksmith

We carry all parts on our team of vans at all times, meaning that if you are experiencing problems with your multi-point locking mechanism or you need a cylinder replacing, we can find the parts and repair your property immediately. The cylinders will always be replaced with a new British Standard approved, anti-snap and anti-pick cylinder to fit the measurements of your uPVC doors with minimal fuss and great results.

Call KC Brighton Locksmiths in an Emergency

KC Locksmith Brighton are essentially an emergency service for all things lock, window or door-related. We will respond to your call with as much urgency as we can, to the best level we can. Our team of professionals can open cylinder and mortice locks, UPVC and garage doors with specialist training and pride in getting the job done as best we can. Whether you have snapped a key in your lock after work, lost your keys or think someone might have stolen them, locked yourself out or have just experienced an attempted or successful break-in, you must call out our KC Brighton Locksmiths emergency service and we will act as fast as we can to help you. Remember our outstanding service is even available in the early hours, or on a sunday night in the Brighton area and the surrounding areas for 24 hour emergency lock changes, burglary repairs as the best emergency locksmith Brighton!

Kitchen Door Replacement

Kitchen doors are just as important as your front door. They are your first line of defence and must be fitted with anti-snap euro cylinders. We also recommend anti-thrust plates for this door as well.

Emergency Locksmith Service

KC Locksmith Brighton are an ideal team to deal with your out of hours’ emergency and they can help with anything related to the security of your home or place of work, 24 hours a day. We can help install alarms and digital entry devices to deter criminals from your property or fix the bolts to your doors and windows – we are specialists in all types of security solutions, for all types of buildings.

Our Brighton team are highly qualified and helpful

We offer a high standard or professional service when you need help the most. We know the horrible, sinking feeling of what being locked out feels like; the despair and frustration is very real, and we want to make the experience a better one by offering a fast and reliable service. We will be there for our customers and make access to their property good again and we will always be on time. Whether it’s a jammed door or a broken lock or key, make us your one-stop-locksmith shop!

Preventing Burglary

UPVC doors are sometimes an easy target for an opportunist criminal in Brighton. Our team can make sure that your door is as secure and safe as it can be, and if you don’t have them already, we will recommend installing window restrictors, emergency handles and whatever other security requirements our friendly service professionals recommend to make your home secure.

KC Locksmith Brighton carry a large number of spares and replacement parts on our vans. This means we can repair any doors on the same day as our inspection or emergency call-out to your Brighton home.

Wooden Doors

For wooden doors, we recommend that you replace your existing door with a UPVC door. They look very impressive but are much more secure. A standard door, even one with an anti-snap euro cylinder, is likely to be easy enough to break through. If you have a glass door, then we recommend installing a toughened glass pane. This is a double glazed pane of glass that is extremely hard to break through and will provide a high level of protection for you and your family.

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