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At K C Locksmiths & Son we offer multiple services covering the full range and scope of locksmith and home security services. We service both commercial and domestic properties. On this page is a full and comprehensive list of services we offer, along with our Locksmith Security Assessment Guide for Brighton. If you are worried about vulnerabilities in your residential or commercial property this guide will help you decide both what the weak points are and what solutions you can seek.

A Rundown of Our Brighton Locksmith Services

K C Lockey-from-brighton-locksmithsksmiths & Son offer:

If you require any other service not on this list please call and one of our experts will be able to advise you if we can help.

DON’T FORGET – All of the above mentioned services come with our No Call-Out Fee promise, discounts for students, old age pensioners and victims of crime, and NO VAT for a limited period of time. Our lockout services also come with a RAPID RESPONSE GUARANTEE meaning a master locksmith will be at your door within 30 minutes.

The Brighton Locksmith Security Guide

We live in a dangerous world, but do not worry, by taking some inexpensive and relatively easy to implement measures most burglars and intruders can be deterred.

Did you know that statistics prove that most burglars in the UK have been proven to be opportunists and not professionals? That’s great news for you because it means that, unlike when dealing with a professional burglar, you won’t have to spend big money on an advanced security system.

Police reports show that the vast majority of these opportunist burglars rely on stealth to get the job done. A relatively simple and inexpensive security system can take that away from them totally, rendering their activities almost impossible in your property.

The advantages of a good home security system are twofold:

      • A good security system puts TIME ON YOUR SIDE.
      • When featuring a home alarm a good security system makes stealth ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE.

It’s just good common sense to take these simple & inexpensive measures to secure your home from intruders. Often seemingly small measures like fitting your windows with locks and installing an alarm can scare most would-be intruders off.

Here are some suggestions for simple and inexpensive steps you can take to better secure your property.

      • Front Door – A minimum of one British Standard (BS3621) mortice lock (with minimum 5 lever) or a BS cylinder night latch is necessary. Having them both is good practice and they should have the kite-mark symbol of the British Standard.
      • Back & Side Doors – Normally a 3 lever mortice lock is the minimum standard. We recommend a 5 lever BS3621 with security bolts to secure the top and bottom.
      • Windows – There are different types of windows and your security needs will depend on which you have. UPVC windows & double glazing need key operated locks. Sash windows (common in Brighton) can be secured with sash closers or with key operated locks and dual screws. Window grilles are also available for windows that pose the highest risk.
      • Patio Doors & French Windows – UPVC doors require a Multi-Point locking mechanism at a minimum. We can also install BS cylinders and key operated locks at the top and bottom where required or desired.
      • Outbuildings/Garages – We offer diverse locking system for outbuildings and garages. It stands to reason that isolated outbuildings are more likely to be broken into and criminally damaged? For this reason we recommend linking these to your current alarm system.
      • Door Entry Systems – Whether you have a domestic or commercial property a good door entry system is an option. From keyless number pad systems to full key fob, code and card systems, there are multiple options available for everything from doctor’s premises to nurseries and office blocks.
      • CCTV – If needs require, Closed Circuit Television Camera systems are available for your property. CCTV is often easy and quick to install and will act as a major deterrent to would-be intruders. Stealth CCTV systems are also available as well as door entry systems which allow you to speak to visitors before letting them in. These can be set to record as soon as someone approaches.
      • Intruder Alarms – You probably already know what these are. A major deterrent for intruders, alarms can be set to trigger as soon as anyone enters a building of any kind. With light systems to warn intruders there is an alarm system as well as sirens to warn neighbours of an intrusion, these are one of the most effective home security systems around.

Alarm systems can also send a signal to a third party such as the police. All of our alarm system are compliant with British industry standards ,such as ACPO BS8243:2010 and with EU Standard EN 50131-1:1997

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