Local Locksmith

KC Brighton Locksmiths are a mobile team of highly experienced locksmiths who offer home security checks in addition to the following: 24-hour emergency/access recovery, home security, door fitting, UPVC doors and windows, lock upgrades (TS007 Euro Cylinders and Mortice Locks), and break-in assistance.

KC Brighton Locksmiths can help you no matter how serious the situation, at any time of the day. We want to provide the most professional service at a price that is fair and competitive, as our customers and their satisfaction are our absolute priority. Our entire team of expert locksmiths are able to give you advice with regards to your specific needs at your appropriate budget. This openness and attention to detail ensures we finish each job at an exemplary standard.

When contacting us for the first time, a trained advisor will help you arrange a free quote and they will try to notify you of the length of the job required, so that any services we provide are of as little inconvenience to your working day as possible. KC Brighton Locksmiths never add any hidden charges, and we pride ourselves on an honest and competitive price list. We are able to provide an ongoing service to all our customers, – past, present and future – and all our repair work comes with a six-month guarantee. Please call us today for a free consultation, and we can talk to you about any of our locksmith services. Our customers remain with us for many years, and we’d like to invite you to join them.



Locksmithing – A Specialist Trade

KC Brighton Locksmiths provide security inspections for all types of properties, be they businesses, domestic or larger commercial buildings, in and around the Brighton area.

Crime is an unfortunate but not uncommon occurrence in Brighton and if you are worried about the safety and security of your possessions and valuables – whether they are kept in your garage, shed, or home itself – please contact us today to arrange an extensive security inspection to help put your mind at rest.

Our team of talented and dedicated locksmiths aim to complete the repair of a door, replace your keys or gain entry to your property within the hour. Our Locksmiths are in the business of providing high quality security services – they can assist any lock-related emergency in and around the Brighton area. If necessary, KC Brighton Locksmiths will attempt to repair any damage to your locks and only replace them when there is no viable alternative. KC Brighton Locksmith offer a lock replacement and refitting service at competitive prices.

Know your locks

An exposed cylinder lock can make your entire house vulnerable to break-in. For customers that have or wish to have cylinder locks, KC Brighton Locksmiths are able to recommend that an escutcheon plate is installed on anywhere you have cylinders exposed – especially your external doors. The escutcheon acts as protection for the cylinder, so it becomes part of the door itself. This simple feature prevents opportunist criminals from being able to break the cylinder from the door, removing it entirely. The metallic plate inside your door frame is called the strike plate – this protects the holes where your locking mechanism is fitted. These can wear down over a considerable amount of time and checking that they are in good condition should not be overlooked or underestimated. If the strike plates need replacing on any of your external doors, please contact KC Brighton Locksmiths today so we can send a member of our team to change them. Our team regularly carry a wide range of these spares for emergency call-outs.

Security is our business 

KC Brighton Locksmiths can give you advice about keeping your home or place of work secure, both in a practical sense, with regards to installing higher quality locks for your entrances, as well as other types of deterrent, such as planting defensive rose bushes in your garden! We can also help you with installing high tech digital security, alarms and CCTV systems for your renewed peace of mind. KC Brighton Locksmiths can also install interior security measures, such as a possessions’ safe or grilles for your business’ store-front.

Other measures include advice about looking after your keys. Large parties in your home or place of work, where there are people you do not know and in-turn, not know whether they are trustworthy, can sometimes offer an opportunist environment for your keys to be stolen or your security code learned, only for your home to be broken in to at a later date with your own keys. Our Brighton-based expert locksmiths work with people in the local community to make sure they practice common sense so they feel safer at work and at home, and we love to support local businesses.

UPVC Door Repair 

UPVC doors and windows are a mainstay when securing British homes and it’s easy to realise why. Coming in a range of versatile sizes, innovative insulation capabilities and added security measures fitted as standard, uPVC doors also have a multi-point locking system, which makes them vital to many houses’ security. uPVC also has many other benefits; it does not need varnishing, unlike with the upkeep of wooden doors, and they are easy to keep clean, probably lasting longer without any maintenance. uPVC doors and windows do pose some problems, and many homeowners do not know how to rectify these issues without help from an expert. The opportunist criminal has become wise to a few weaknesses eminent in UPVC door locks, and these types of doors and windows can, over time, develop stickiness in the opening and closing in addition to the locking mechanisms sometimes becoming jammed. KC Brighton Locksmiths are local and highly trained in the technical know-how when dealing with uPVC doors and windows. They are able to replace parts and repair and upgrade any problematic locking systems quickly and with professionalism. Our dedicated team of locksmiths are on call to help you with your uPVC in and around the Brighton area 24-hours a day, 365 days per year.