Emergency Locksmith

Have you found yourself locked out? Or, have you somehow lost your keys?

At KC Brighton Locksmiths, we can respond rapidly. If you have experienced any lock related problem our Brighton-based team can re-secure your property, replacing the handles locks and make repairs to any surrounding door damage.

KC Brighton Locksmiths keep their prices competitive and they manage to do so in a number of ways. Perhaps the most significant way we can do this is by utilising our specialist skills to open locked doors without using destructive methods. Lock-picking means that the original lock, its mechanisms and parts do not need replacing, saving us time and you, money. Contact KC Brighton Locksmiths to speak with an advisor and they will send a member of our expertly trained team to your locked-out location without delay.


At KC Brighton Locksmiths, we are dedicated in providing brilliant customer service. We take pride in finding you the correct security devices that suit your individual requirements. Our team can provide your home or place of work with locks, keys, CCTV and other security measures – you are in the right place! KC Brighton Locksmiths can keep your property and the valuables within it, safe. We will give you lots of advice on how you might best secure your home and what types of locks will meet your requirements most effectively.

 Security of one’s assets is a sensitive subject for most of us, and this is something we understand as Brighton’s leading locksmith team. Many people do not know that the UK locksmith industry is not regulated by the government – this is a surprising fact for many. This concerning lack of accountability or awareness means that many locksmiths operate under the name of ‘master locksmiths’ when they are not qualified to do so, nor insured or DBS checked. The irony of this, is that we are talking about a trade that deals solely in the trust-related world of security – it isn’t a great place to start.

 A Lock for Every Door 

KC Brighton Locksmiths work with a huge range of locks and keys, and in turn, the many different types of doors they come with – the team are expertly trained to deal with every material and device there is. KC Brighton Locksmiths carry many of the replacement and repair parts needed for most uPVC, conservatory and patio doors in their vans, so that they can assist you quickly and efficiently, wherever you are in Brighton.

Many UK homes have traditional locks – these are your average locks that have a metal key to open them. While these are generally very reliable and secure, and have been so for hundreds of years, over the last decade, ‘smart locks’ have begun to emerge. These smart locks have digital components that do not require a key. Instead, a security code or a mobile phone can unlock your property. Speak to us today about what type of locking system would suit you and family, it is worth considering your options for greater security and improved peace of mind.

 Upgrading Your Front Door 

KC Brighton Locksmiths provide a fast and reliable emergency call out service in and around Brighton and its surrounding areas. KC Brighton Locksmiths are improved by insurance companies, meaning that in addition, we can come and fit new doors and locks, even cutting new keys. Our team of experts are trained to provide the highest quality UPVC doors, fire exit panic locks, and locking systems for garages and windows. 

Security at Home 

It may be wise to consider booking a comprehensive home or work security inspection with a professional member of our KC Brighton Locksmiths team. Whether you have moved to a new house recently and want to be more informed of new security measures, or you have a business or place of work that needs surveying for insurance purposes, this might be a good time to contact us. Our team will carry out a thorough and individually-tailored security inspection of your home or work. Our professional locksmiths will carry out a walk-around of your residence, where they will use their many years’ experience to guide and advise you to the good and bad security spots around your home.

Security at Work is also important, and KC Brighton Locksmiths can provide more heavy-duty equipment and tools for commercial buildings and warehouses. We can help to provide access when you have misplaced your work keys, and provide effective installation and maintenance for padlocks and safes, letter box locking, van locks, security gates and external exits and doors.

 Your Property can be Safe from Harm 

Once upon a time, not too long ago, most people in the UK felt able to leave their doors open so family and neighbours could come and go. Regrettably, times are different, and your home’s doors, windows and locks are all vulnerable to tampering and they need protection. The KC Brighton Locksmiths’ team have been called out to properties that have had their locks destroyed or picked by opportunist criminals. There are many measures, thankfully, that can protect you, your family and your home’s security.

At KC Brighton Locksmiths are available 24-hours a day in the event of an emergency. If you aren’t able to find your keys, or you think they might have been stolen, whatever the time of night or day, don’t wait, we can help you – right away! KC Brighton Locksmiths can gain entry to your business or property and can perform an emergency lock replacement – only when it’s absolutely necessary. Our team of specialists can help you right now, 24/7. There is someone on-call 365 days a year. Contact us at: 01273 634001.