Revolving Door Entry Systems

RevolvSilver key from KC Locksmiths Brightoning door entry systems are a safe, secure, responsible way to provide entry to a building. They can also signal prestige and provide ease of access for those with mobility issues.

If you’re looking to source and install revolving door entry systems in Brighton then we can help.

There are lots of different types of revolving door entry system. There are automatic entry systems and manual systems. There are big systems for multiple people, and restricted access systems to control the flow of people in and out of a building. Nowadays there are lots of turnstiles that are really stylish.

The first step in the process of working with KC Brighton Locksmiths is to book a free quotation. We will come and take a look at your premises and assess your needs. We will then put together suggested solutions for you to choose from, and find out exactly what you want.

We will then source the products for you, if you don’t really have them, and go through a thorough inspection and installation process to get the job done right first time. We understand that your revolving doors will be at the entrance of your building. Therefore, to minimise disruption, we are able to work out of hours or on the weekend so that your staff come in to work with the solutions in place. Where this isn’t possible due to the size of the job we will ensure we cause as little disruption as possible, and are professional and courteous at all times.

Why choose KC Brighton Locksmiths to install your revolving door entry systems

At KC Brighton Locksmiths we are massively experienced installing automatic and manual revolving doors in Brighton. You may well have passed through an installation that we have done. Over the years the experience that we have acquired means that we can flow through projects much more smoothly than those with less experience. When challenges present themselves we have experience to call upon to help us come up with solutions. We are superb planners as well as installers, meaning we are efficient and reliable when installing your revolving door entry system.

We are also available 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. Our after sales service is renowned in the commercial and residential sectors for being 2nd to none. We really do care about our customers and ensure that everything is smooth, and when problems arise, they are sorted rapidly. This gives our commercial customers the peace of mind of knowing that we are on call to help them with repairs and further installations should the need arise.

Call KC Brighton Locksmiths today

Call us today on (01273) 634001 to discuss your revolving door project in Brighton. After initial discussion we can come to you and give you a free assessment and quotation. We will be open and transparent in detailing costs and timeframes, and ensure that you are satisfied with everything throughout the process. We really are the number one company for revolving door entry systems in Brighton.