Locksmith Brighton specializes in providing high-quality security services to homes and commercial entities. With a pool of competent personnel, they offer a comprehensive service that includes supplying and fitting superior quality locks and emergency locksmith services. They are professional, fast working, and always aim at making sure your property is safe. If you require entry locks for your doors or a minor repair at a lock which was broken, Locksmith Brighton is the company for the job. Count on them for any of your locksmith service requirements and you can be sure of your security being in competent hands.

Services of Locksmiths Brighton: Protecting Homes and Businesses

Locksmith Brighton aims to provide services to ensure clients get the security they require. Here’s an overview of different services and what each entails: Here’s an overview of different services and what each entails:


Rekeying is the process of changing the mechanisms of the lock in such a way as to match a new key. This service is useful if you misplaced your key, have a new home, or do not want previous keyholders to have access anymore. This is relatively cheaper as compared to complete lock replacement which at times may be necessary.

Lock Replacement

Lock replacement is the process of replacing the existing lock with a new one by first removing it. This service is however very useful where your lock is faulty, worn out, or you wish to have a better type of lock system. It offers higher security in comparison to the normal use of locks & keys since a new set of keys only will open the lock.

Key Extraction

It is the extraction of a jammed or a busted key from a lock without causing more harm to the central working parts. This service is relevant when one of the keys gets stuck inside the lock or a particular key breaks off. Local locksmiths then employ tools to remove the key from the lock while ensuring that the lock is not damaged and you have access to your property.

Master Key System

A master key system means that one key is to be used to open several locks at once. This service is especially useful for premises that have several entrances, for instance, business spaces or homes. It makes it easy to manage keys and also increases the level of security by restricting movements into some parts. The master keys can open pre-set locks while individual keys also open the specific lock of the building, room or office.

Key Duplication

Key duplication is a process by which a new make is produced to have the same characteristics as an original key. This service is crucial for cutting spare keys in cases of families, employees, or as an additional key kept by the locksmith. Through the precise cutting machines, the locksmith guarantees to make an indictment of the spare key that will be similar to the original key.

Lock Installation

Lock installation is the process whereby new locks are fixed on the doors, windows, or any other place of entry in a house. This service is needed for new constructions, for cases of construction, or when switching to better security options for locks. Today, professional locksmiths also help in the proper installation and alignment of the locks for enhancing mechanism and security provisions.

So, if you’re looking for the best locksmith services in Brighton? KC Brighton Locksmith is your answer to all your lock and security needs. If you require a lock change, require access when locked out or require the services of a locksmith to repair a lock, you are welcome. They value quick reactions, polite manners, and satisfied clients.

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