4 times when you should you call a locksmith to replace a door lock

Owning a home comes with a multitude of responsibilities and a seemingly endless ‘to-do’ list when it comes to regular maintenance.

Knowing when and how to properly assess your home security should be somewhere on that list, but may be a daunting task. In certain situations, however, having a new door lock fitted by an experienced locksmith in Brighton should be high on the list of priorities and we’ve put together a few of these situations to help you make a decision.

  1. Moving House

Moving house is one of the most stressful life events, and it can be easy to overlook home security. However, when you move into a new residence you do not know how many people already have access, and so it is much safer to replace the locks as soon as you can. This should also be the case if you are renting to tenants; a good landlord should always change the locks after new tenants move in to ensure the security of the home and the belongings of the occupants.

  1. Lost Keys

Misplacing your set of keys is an unfortunate, annoying and surprisingly common occurrence. Alarmingly, many people choose to have new copies made of their spare set rather than have the locks replaced by a locksmith; perhaps due to the perceived convenience. But if someone has managed to find your lost keys, the security of your home is now at risk.

It is strongly recommended by locksmiths in Brighton that in this circumstance the locks should be changed to prevent any further inconvenience later on.

  1. Break-Ups

When going through the difficulties of breaking up with a long term partner, your home security may not be on your mind. However, it should certainly be considered.

People are unpredictable, especially in emotional situations, and the old adage it’s “better to be safe than sorry” springs to mind. Changing the locks doesn’t have to be a huge hassle, and it is definitely preferable to someone you may no longer trust having access to your home and personal property. Contact Brighton Locksmiths to find out how easily your locks can be changed.

  1. Old Locks

Believe it or not, locks can show signs of age. Although this may seem like common sense, it is not uncommon for old locks to be overlooked when thinking about home security options.

In fact, it is recommended that an experienced local locksmith in Brighton assess your locks once a year to ensure that they are in good working order; just because a lock is still functioning, does not mean it is in the best condition and regular assessment can help prevent difficult situations down the road.

Still Unsure?

Contact our experienced locksmiths in Brighton and we will be happy to advise and assist you, whatever your situation. Home security should never be overlooked and we will be more than happy to help you feel more secure in your home.

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