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Why You Should Change the Locks on a New Home

Many people move into a home and don’t even consider changing their locks. They assume that the property is secure without thinking about the potential risk they are taking on. In this article we will explain exactly why you should change the locks on your new home, and why you should choose a trusted lock […]

Using a Reliable Locksmith

Imagine it: you’re walking home after a lengthy day at the office, only to find your lock refuses to work and you’re stuck outside the house. What are the options? Sleeping at a neighbour’s or calling in a locksmith to get the problem solved as soon as possible. The above scenario is a dicey one. […]

Restoring Old Locks

Wondering if it’s possible to restore your tired locks?  As leading locksmiths in Brighton, we can confirm that not only is it possible, but it can be relatively painless when you hire the right person for the job. Many people live in period properties with old doors and the hardware used in the construction of […]

Pros and Cons of Rekeying

One of the first things you can do to secure your home is to ensure your doors are properly locked. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  There are scenarios where the keys to the lock may have been misplaced or the locks themselves begin to lose their functionality.  In any of those situations, property […]

How to Identify a Quality Locksmith Business

When it’s time to call a locksmith in Brighton, it can be very difficult to know where to look. You want to find a reliable, professional, trustworthy company to work with. However, how do you identify a successful business, with an excellent track record of delivering exceptional service to customers in Sussex? In this article […]

How to find a good locksmith

Whenever you aren’t around, your home is usually locked up, with your valuables safe and secure.  But what happens when your locks malfunction, when you can’t get in or out of your house or you need to duplicate the keys for another member of your family? At this point, you need the services of a […]

How a Good Locksmith Can Help You Avoid Lock Snapping

Lock snapping is the leading method through which burglars gain access to homes. Also known as cylinder snapping, it is a way to force seemingly secure doors open in seconds, even when you have multiple locking points with hooks and deadbolts. As implied by the name, a criminal can snap a Euro lock in half […]

Explaining Lock Security Standards

When it comes to locks, there are several standards of security. It is important that you have the right locks in place, in accordance with standards set by regulatory bodies. Apart from making your home more secure, having locks that that meet these standards can also help you with home insurance costs.  This article takes […]

A handy check list in case you get locked out

Regardless of how careful you are, it’s likely that one day you’ll find yourself in that most frustrating of circumstances: locked out of your own home. Usually the first course of action is to phone in a locksmith, but there are certain things you should do before picking up the phone. This article delivers a […]

8 common sense keys to a safer home from a locksmith

If you feel secure in your home then it’ll be that much easier to achieve some peace of mind when your head hits the pillow at night, or if you’re planning on a lengthy holiday. Unfortunately, too many homes are not well secured. So, who better to listen to when seeking advice on securing a […]