7 Important Security Tips for Student Accommodation

The city of Brighton and Hove is home to two universities and thousands of students who are setting up a new ‘home away from home’ for the first time. Moving away from home can be stressful, but ensuring the security of yourself and your personal possessions shouldn’t be. Both new and returning students should take home security seriously to protect themselves and their belongings. Read on for recommendations from KC Brighton Locksmiths for staying secure.


  1. Check the locks!


This may seem obvious, but simply checking the locks when you first move in to a new place can be easily overlooked. If you notice a faulty lock, you should contact your landlord or university staff (if living on campus) immediately to have the lock repaired or replaced.

  1. Adhere to insurance policies

Many home or contents insurance policies specify the type of locks needed to protect your home. If you’re unsure of the type of lock that has been fitted previously, give your local locksmiths in Brighton a call and we will be more than happy to assist you by assessing the existing locks.

  1. Keep It Locked!

Again, this may seem obvious but it is very easy to forget; especially if living alone for the first time. We’ve all been distracted, and the life of a student is full of distractions daily! However, it is important to ensure that all windows and doors are securely locked whenever you leave your home unattended – even if you’re just nipping to the local shop. Thieves are opportunistic and it’s best not to give them any extra opportunities.

  1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

However tempting it may be to display all your most precious and valuable belongings, expert locksmiths would always advise against this. If your items cannot be seen, thieves will be less likely to be tempted to relieve you of your belongings. Any valuable items should be kept out of sight from passers by, especially away from any windows or doors that can be easily seen from outside your home.

  1. Mark your property

It is likely you will be taking some valuable items with you to university – perhaps you have a laptop or PC, a TV or a tablet – and it is a good idea to cover yourself in case the worst happens. By marking your items with a UV pen, you are ensuring that even if your home is broken into and your property is stolen, you increase your chances of getting your property back.

  1. Lock Your Windows

One of the most common points of entry in UK burglaries are the windows, and Brighton locksmiths will always recommend that you install locks on all external windows to ensure the security of your home. If you are living in rented student accomodation, check with your landlord whether locks can be installed. If you have them, don’t forget to lock them!

  1. No Flowerpot Keys!

Alarmingly, 20% of people in the UK still leave spare keys under flower pots or door mats! This is a huge, and easily avoidable, security risk and should always be avoided to help prevent an extremely unpleasant situation.

All in all, ensuring the security of your student accommodation does not need to be stressful or difficult; follow these basic principles and you are giving yourself the best chance of being able to enjoy student life without worrying about the risk of a break in.

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