Do Locksmiths re-programme car keys?

The answer is yes and no. Over the years the role of the locksmith has expanded greatly. Some of the traditional activities of locksmith, such as cutting keys, are now the main possession of big national brands and retail outlets. Locksmiths in Brighton are increasingly being called out to help with automobiles with remote locking keys. Most locksmiths now offer reprogramming of keys and car locksmith services. However, not all locksmiths will be able to offer this service so you need to shop around and find what is on offer.

In this article we will take a look at this type of service so you can understand a bit more about what locksmith will do.

Common Transponder and Remote Car Key Problems that are Brighton Locksmith May Solve

There are four problems that you may have that an auto locksmith specialist may be able to help with. These are:

  • A broken or damaged transponder chip within the car remote locking fob
  • The requirement for a spare transponder key
  • A broken or damaged transponder key
  • A new replacement for a key fob

Did You Know Your Car Has An Immobiliser?

From 1995 onwards automobiles have been required to come installed with an immobiliser. The way it works is that an electric chip inside the transponder key communicates a code to the ignition. If when the key is turned the code is not correct, or nothing is communicated, then the car will not start. Remote keys for keyless entry, keys with the integrated responder chip and flip keys and key cards can all be reprogrammed by a quality Brighton locksmith service to avoid immobiliser problems.

With most vehicles from before 1995 you won’t need to reprogram the keys, but you may well need to get a new key cut.

We can provide reprogramming and replacement keys and fobs for most vehicle models. To get in touch with us contact us through the website, or give us a call. If you have an emergency situation where you can’t get into your vehicle then please ask for our emergency service and we can normally be with you within the hour.

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