How to Identify a Quality Locksmith Business

When it’s time to call a locksmith in Brighton, it can be very difficult to know where to look. You want to find a reliable, professional, trustworthy company to work with. However, how do you identify a successful business, with an excellent track record of delivering exceptional service to customers in Sussex?

In this article will take a look at some ways to identify the best so that you can avoid the rest.

Of Course, Read Testimonials and Reviews

When you are looking for a Brighton locksmith you should always read testimonials. You can read some on our website to find out more about us. That said, you shouldn’t rely purely on website testimonials, try looking at reviews on online trade platforms as well, this should give you a good idea as to whether a company is worthwhile or not.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

It’s not necessary the case that a new business will be a bad business, but they may have less experience dealing with the kinds of issues that will come up in your project. If it’s a new business then consider finding out about them from their previous employer. If they have a long history of locksmith work in Brighton then they’re probably doing something right. If they weren’t then they wouldn’t be able to survive, as reputation is important in this business.

How are They Advertising?

Look for signs that the company is using progressive advertising and marketing methods. If they’re using Google ad words, print marketing and are on trade review sites then they’re taking their role seriously. On the other hand, if a company is just throwing out lots of cheap flyers and doesn’t even have a website then you may wish to steer clear and take up with someone else.

Find Out About After Sales Service

With locks, the job isn’t over after the installation process. There may be maintenance that needs done in the future, or a problem with the new lock. Always ask the company about their after-sales maintenance and services. A good tip is to ask your question and then say nothing for a prolonged period of time; this is a very common negotiation tactic and is a great way to find out the truth, as the other party will be forced to talk through the silence. If they are the kind of company who you never hear from after the initial job, then this will become apparent when they answer your questions.

Qualifications and Memberships

Find out if the locksmith has completed an accredited training programme. Look for NCFE, City and Guilds and other qualifications. What memberships do they have? Do they give you confidence that they are a quality outfit?

If you’re looking for a Brighton locksmith then take a look through our website. We tick all the boxes and make sure that we can provide a professional emergency locksmith service at an affordable price, with guaranteed quality and future maintenance included.

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