5 Questions You Might Want to Ask Before Choosing The Right Door: A Locksmith’s Guide

Choosing a new door can be difficult – there are so many different types to choose from so how do you know which one is right for you? As professional expert locksmiths in Brighton there are some doors that we would recommend more than others from a safety perspective, and will be happy to offer some advice.  The best door for your situation doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive or hi-tech; there are many different types of doors that suit a wide range of needs.

Are wooden doors a secure option for my home?

Wooden doors have been regaining popularity in recent years, and it is easy to see why. They can be very aesthetically pleasing and come in a huge variety of designs. They also have many advantages in their level of security, since the lock can be installed directly into the door – giving you a wider list of available options of door lock. A door made of wood is inherently strong, and with the wide range of choice when it comes to the actual lock. Wooden doors are a great choice for ensuring your home security. We will be more than happy to offer advice on the types of wooden door we have available for installation.

Do UPVC doors provide increased security?

While some people may prefer the overall visual appeal of a UPVC door, they are more restrictive in terms of the types of locks which can be installed compared to wooden doors. If you are considering installing or repairing a UPVC door or window, contact your local Brighton locksmiths and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Is a metal security door a worthwhile investment?

In commercial situations, you may find that a metal security door is the best option, however some people also choose to install these doors in their residential properties for maximum security.

Should I buy a door with windows?

Most locksmiths in Brighton would recommend against buying a door with windows to ensure the most secure door possible. If you do have your heart set on a door with a window, it is strongly advised that you install reinforced glass or perhaps consider adding window bars or a security grille to help prevent unwanted and unpleasant situations.

What about patio doors?

Choosing the right option for your patio doors can be daunting as there are many different options available. All of them have the potential to be insecure unless they meet certain requirements, so it is important that the following be considered when you are making your decision;

  • Bi-fold Doors need locks that are operated by keys from the inside.
  • Sliding doors need vertical locks

If you choose UPVC doors (commonly chosen for patio doors), you should install “anti-snap locks” to ensure the highest level of security for your home. Again, if you choose patio doors with windows, it is important to consider adding reinforced glass for maximum security.

Remember, f you are unsure how secure your existing doors are or need help choosing new doors, a professional expert locksmith in Brighton will be able to offer you advice and assess your current security level.

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