8 common sense keys to a safer home from a locksmith

If you feel secure in your home then it’ll be that much easier to achieve some peace of mind when your head hits the pillow at night, or if you’re planning on a lengthy holiday. Unfortunately, too many homes are not well secured.

So, who better to listen to when seeking advice on securing a Sussex house, than a home-grown Brighton locksmith? This article will take a look at some of our locksmith’s top tips (many of them common sense) for ensuring the security of your home, today.

Moving into a new home? Change the locks

If you are moving into a new property then it is important that you change the locks as soon as possible. The old owners of the home may well have spare keys to the locks, or may even have given spare keys to neighbours, colleagues or family in the past.  Although it’s unlikely that any of these people would be looking to invade your house; you can never be too sure.  Get the locks changed.

Use deadbolts

It’s a good idea to install additional deadbolt locks to increase your home’s security, although it’s equally as important to make sure that they’re installed properly in the first place. Many people, who call themselves professionals, are prone to doing half-baked jobs on home security, which can entirely defeat the purpose.

Think about the doors

Always to try to use or install doors of the sturdiest variety possible, flimsy doors that can be easily damaged or broken through provide very little safety. Poor quality doors can essentially negate your locking system altogether, despite how strong they may be. Heavy wooden or steel doors are the best choice in most cases.

Don’t scrimp on the locks

Saving money on locks is often a false economy. If the lock doesn’t do its job properly then you run the risk of losing much more than the extra cost of a stronger security system. There is a good reason that locksmiths in Brighton recommend specific brands, lock sets and models – always choose quality when choosing security.

Avoid the obvious

Many people choose to hide their keys in common locations, such as underneath a flowerpot, or behind a brick on the porch. Try and avoid the obvious places that a criminal may check first – this simple tip can leave you far more secure than the majority of homes on your street.

Be careful when hiring a Brighton locksmith

You need to make sure that you hire someone who is trustworthy, experienced and reliable. Going to Yellow Pages and calling the first number you see won’t necessarily result in a great quality service. Many locksmiths will overcharge for callouts, and will use substandard hardware in order to make a few extra pounds profit. The best way to find a good locksmith in Brighton is through traditional word-of-mouth. It’s also a good idea to read some online reviews to find out just how good the service of your preferred locksmith actually is.

Think about security window film

Certain parts of your house are obscured from view, making them potential entry points for opportunistic thieves. If you add security film to the glass of your more vulnerable windows, then it won’t shatter when broken, making the barrier between the external and internal that much stronger.

When on holiday

If you are leaving for a holiday, think about setting your lights on rotation. It’s relatively cheap to buy a device that will do this for you, or you could ask trusted family or neighbours to switch on the lights once every few days.  This gives off the appearance of somebody being home, and lowers the risk of being targeted by any thieves surveying the neighbourhood for empty houses.

Essentially, keeping your home secure relies upon common sense. However, as we know, common sense really isn’t all that common in reality. We often need the obvious pointed out to us before we take on a course of sensible action. So, take all this advice on board today to give your home that extra degree of security against any would be thieves.

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